Important notice to customers

Please complete boarding procedures 20 minutes before departure time.
Please arrive with plenty of time to spare.



Departure Time

Notice of departure time

October to March

【departure time】
 ※14:30:Operates only on Saturdays and Sundays
【required time】
 60 to 90 minutes
 Adult (13-64 years old)
 Senior (65 years old and over)
 Children (7 to 12 years old)
 Infant (4 to 6 years old)
 Children under 3 years old

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Go meet wild Dolphins

You can meet dolphins with high probability all year round

200 wild dolphins settle in the Hayasaki Strait.
The number of dolphins does not change throughout the year, so you can meet all year round.

Since it is a wild dolphin, it is not fed. It is a wild dolphin watching that is different every time you set sail, such as the weather, the height of the waves, the location of the dolphins, and the number of dolphins you can see.
Since dolphins move, the points you see each time are different.
With a wealth of information, you can meet dolphins with high probability.
You can see the pristine dolphins, although the time is not fixed, such as when they are flocking or jumping.
Please understand that there are days when you cannot meet because it is a wild dolphin.

Dolphin class held before boarding

There is an explanation from 10 minutes before the departure time.

Just a little before going to dolphin watching Learn more about the wild dolphins that live in the Hayasaki Strait.
Knowing about dolphins will surely make you even more enjoyable.
We will hand out our original dolphin watching instruction manual before boarding!

Tour boat information

Sightseeing Boats

All ships have passenger insurance
Depart on a sightseeing boat with little shaking.
When it rains, you can see it from the inside of the ship, and all the ships are equipped with toilets, so women and small children can rest assured.
Enjoy a comfortable cruise.

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Dolphin ecology

About Dolphins

Go on a boat to meet wild dolphins
It will surely be a special time.
In order to make you feel closer to dolphins, I would like to introduce you to some of them.

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Question & Answer

Asked & Questions

If you have any questions, from booking to anxiety about boarding, please check here in advance.

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What is important

Initiatives for SDGs

"With the slogan "Friendly to both dolphins and the environment" We respect the lives and lives of dolphins and operate according to the following voluntary rules so that people and nature can coexist.

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Safety initiatives

Commitment to safety

Operating standards
Our shop is set by the Japan Small Boat Inspection Organization so that you can do dolphin watching safely and securely. Based on the rules, we conduct pre-departure inspections every day.

・Passenger accident insurance
・Wearing and checking life jackets
・Check weather information
・Information sharing by captain and crew
・Periodic ship inspection once a year

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Sustainable Development Goals