Minamishimabara Dolphin Watching

Initiatives for SDGs

Under the slogan "Friendly to both dolphins and the environment," we respect the lives and lives of dolphins and operate in accordance with the following voluntary rules so that people and nature can coexist. Since the sea is where dolphins continue to live, we aim for balanced and sustainable dolphin watching without forgetting to consider nature in order to preserve the rich nature for posterity.


Ippei Tanaka


Minamishimabara Dolphin Watching Captain and guide watching wild dolphins living in the Hayasaki Strait between the Shimabara Peninsula and Amakusa

Do not destroy the ecosystem


In order to preserve the sea where dolphins continue to live for posterity, we will face environmental problems in order to protect this rich sea that has coexisted with dolphins for a long time. We will carry out gentle observation efforts that do not harm nature, including marine life such as dolphins.

< Voluntary rules >
  • If you find a flock of dolphins, slow down and slowly approach from a distance of about 100m.
  • It does not interfere with the natural behavior of dolphins such as feeding, mating and resting.
  • Do not drive dangerously, such as interrupting the direction of travel, rapid approach, or relentless chasing.
  • The speed when approaching the animal should be such that the ship can stop and change the course at any time.
  • If you approach from a dolphin, leave it at a low speed or stop it.
  • We do not feed dolphins.
  • It does not make loud sounds, artificial sounds, artificial sounds, or other sounds that are offensive to dolphins (excluding ship engine sounds).
  • It does not start suddenly.
  • Do not touch dolphins ・ Do not dive into the sea.
  • Watch at a distance so that it does not interfere with skin diving.
  • Safety management

    Safety management

    Passenger accident insurance
    We have all passenger accident insurance so that our customers can board the ship with peace of mind.
    Tour boat type is a regular ship inspection once a year
    Obtaining a sightseeing passenger irregular route business permit
    Safety management regulations
    Due to the revision of the law on October 1, 2006, notification of safety management regulations has become mandatory.
    Minamishimabara Dolphin Watching Safety Management Regulations

    【For groups】SDGs
    Experience program

    For 20-40 people only

    At our shop, we have a program to learn SDGs together with the experience.
    Made independently with SDGs advisor.
    This is the best program for school trips and corporate groups who want to learn SDGs together through dolphin watching.
    【Program overview】
    Target audience: School trips (junior high school students and above) / corporate groups
        ※The content is for junior high school students and above.
    Number of people available: 20-40 people
    Time: Approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, including dolphin watching time

    SDGsProgram materials PDF

    【School excursion】correspondence

    We also accept tours for school trips.
    (up to 80 people) Our ship is a sightseeing boat type and has a toilet.
    In addition, all ship passenger insurance has been taken out.
    Please feel free to contact us when requesting a pamphlet.
    If you need it, we will send you the "Dolphin Watching Practice Contents" by fax or e-mail, so please let us know.

    Two types of school trip programs
    ■Dolphin watching with a dedicated guide
    There is a guided lecture unique to school trips. Not only watching dolphins, but also dolphin watching that incorporates learning.
    ■SDGsProgram dolphin watching
    Learn SDGs through dolphin watching, and learn more deeply in combination with classroom lectures. → For details, please see the SDGs program page.
    (Free parking available)
    50 cars can be parked (up to 8 large buses can be parked). No parking reservation is required.
    The parking lot can be parked at the parking lot of the Kuchinotsu Port Terminal Building.
    【Download dolphin watching application form】
    Please check the availability by phone.
    After applying, we will reply to your company by fax.
    The official reservation will be completed after the reply fax from our shop.
    Reservation application form

    About efforts for infectious diseases

    Infectious disease countermeasures

    Since March 13, 2023, wearing a mask has become an individual decision.
    Even for Minamishimabara dolphin watching, it is up to the individual to decide whether or not to wear a mask.
    Please note that in accordance with the national policy, whether or not the staff wears a mask is an individual decision.

    We will continue to properly ventilate the ship and reception.
    Life jackets and reception counters will be disinfected as appropriate.
    We will continue to monitor the health of our staff and ensure that they rest when they feel unwell.

    [Request to customers]
    If you have a fever or cold symptoms, please refrain from boarding. We have hand sanitizer everywhere, so feel free to use it.


    business hours:8:30〜16:00
    Regular holiday:January 1st