Minamishimabara Dolphin Watching

Commitment to safety

Our shop is set by the Japan Small Boat Inspection Organization so that you can do dolphin watching safely and securely. Based on the rules, we conduct pre-departure inspections every day.

・Passenger accident insurance
・Wearing and checking life jackets
・Check weather information
・Information sharing by captain and crew
・Periodic ship inspection once a year
・AED installed on the ship

< Evacuation guidance training >
We conduct evacuation guidance drills on a regular basis.
In Minamishimabara dolphin watching, it is mandatory to wear a life jacket when boarding.
※We also have life jackets for children.

《Operating standards》

Operation standard

We have our own operating standards.

< Voluntary rules >
  • Wind speed 10m/s or more
  • Wave height over 1.0m
  • Visibility 500m or less
  • When it is recognized that there is a risk of reaching the conditions listed above, or as a result of discussion between the captain and all crew members, the cruise may be canceled.

  • < Passenger accident insurance subscription >
    All ships are covered by passenger accident insurance so that customers can board the ship with peace of mind.

    《Safety management regulations》

    Safety management regulations

    Sightseeing boat type is inspected once a year.
    Sightseeing passenger irregular route business license acquisition
    Safety management regulations
    On October 1, 2006, the notification of safety management regulations became mandatory due to the revision of the law.
    Minamishimabara Dolphin Watching Safety Management Regulations

    《to infections
    About our efforts》

    Infectious disease countermeasures

    Since March 13, 2023, wearing a mask has become an individual decision.
    Even for Minamishimabara dolphin watching, it is up to the individual to decide whether or not to wear a mask.
    Please note that in accordance with the national policy, whether or not the staff wears a mask is an individual decision.

    We will continue to properly ventilate the ship and reception.
    Life jackets and reception counters will be disinfected as appropriate.
    We will continue to monitor the health of our staff and ensure that they rest when they feel unwell.

    [Request to customers]
    If you have a fever or cold symptoms, please refrain from boarding. We have hand sanitizer everywhere, so feel free to use it.

    《About the captain》

    Operation standard

    All veterans with over 20 years of operating experience

    < Possess a ship operating license recognized by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism >
  • We will not depart in bad weather announced by the Japan Meteorological Agency.
  • We will not depart if there are any defects in the ship's exterior, internal combustion engine, etc.
  • We will not depart with more than the capacity.
  • Even if the sea near the departure/arrival point is calm, we will not depart under any circumstances if it is determined that offshore navigation is not safe. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in advance.

  • tel.0957-75-1515

    business hours:8:30〜16:00
    Regular holiday:the first day of the year